About Me


I interact with advisers proactively and reactively. As a result, I can critique their ongoing client facing material as well as being there for them if they need help with client complaints.

01. Forward thinking

It is important to protect IFA businesses and their clients. I work with advisers to help them identify potential areas of their business. at risk of complaints. 

02. Agility

I have several retained clients, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be nimble if an adviser needs support at short notice. If your matter is urgent, don’t hesitate to call.

03. Empathy & Honesty

I feel empathy for my clients if they are in a tight spot. However, I will be honest if I think they have done something wrong and let them know how to fix things.

My industry experience

I have been in financial services for over 30 years. During this time, I have worked as a tied, and independent adviser as well as a team manager at the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

I started IFAs Included in February 2016 with the aim of supporting financial advisers navigate the world of effective client communication and dealing with complaints.

As an individual, I really care about doing what is right for the consumer. As a result, I help advisers see how interacting with their clients can have a positive impact.

It can be hard for my clients to see the wood for the trees considering the regulator, FOS, compliance and PI insurers all have different viewpoints.

My services help advisers cut through the bureaucracy and help them understand what is required for good client outcomes.

More about me

Having left home at 17 to join the RAF, you could say I have been around the block a few times! Over the course of nine years I was based in five different locations and was lucky enough to visit places like the Maldives, Hong Kong, Belize, Denmark and Oman.

My long-suffering wife Caroline has heard my war stories too many times to count over the 20 plus years we have been married, but I still wheel them out every now and again.

Our lives changed dramatically when we both started our own businesses. Both have gone from strength to strength since we moved away from Kent in 2019 and settled in Norfolk – the tranquillity really helps with clear thinking.

I love walking my dogs, collecting records and listening to music, reading biographies, enjoying a wee dram and cooking, especially on my Big Green Egg

I don’t like rudeness, cooked apple, long suitability reports, the On the Beach holiday adverts and driving on the M11.


What I Do

Consumer focused

I help firms move into a consumer focussed place. Having an outside opinion helps my clients understand how they are seen.

complaints support

Providing support for complaints, but only if they are defendable. It is better if I am involved at the start to try to prevent complaints going to FOS.

High success rate

It is important that complainants feel listened to and complaints are dealt with professionally. This means I have a good track record of defending complaints.


Our profession should be inclusive so I really enjoy sharing experiences by sitting in on webinars, posting on LinkedIn, and taking calls from advisers who want my opinion.

coaching & support

I speak at training sessions and team meetings on a range of topics such as consumer duty, communicating well with clients and preventing consumer complaints.

consultative approach

Working with other professionals, such as compliance consultants on a range of topics, for example reviewing defined benefits transfers.


I have benefited hugely from his guidance and professionalism, not to mention how he cares – boy does Chris care!! Over 20 years ago I told him that I knew no one in our industry with greater integrity – I stand by that today.

Jonathan Smith Partner and Founder Smith and Wardle Financial Planning

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